Croatian Open Competition in Informatics - COCI 2012/2013 [1st contest]

Over the next six months we are planning to organize seven online contests
as a warm-up for the 2013 season of high school programming competitions.
Everyone is welcome to participate!

Each contest will be three hours long and will feature six tasks.
The tasks will be of widely varying difficulty; we are hoping to have many
beginner or up-and-coming contestants participate, as well as those
more experienced.

The first contest will be held on Saturday, 20th October 2012, starting
at 14:00 (GMT/UTC). Check out your local times at

You may use Pascal, C/C++ or Java as your programming language of choice.

The two relevant websites are: - information about the contest - contest system

We hope that you will join us or encourage your students to do so!

This is the seventh year in a row that we are hosting the COCI series. You
can find tasks (statements, test data and solutions) from the previous
four years at That is over 260 original tasks for
students to practice on!

See for more information.